Inclusion Center

Brattleboro, Vermont 





Why donate to Inclusion Center, Inc?

 Inclusion Center, a registered non profit, 501 c3, has been created through the volunteer efforts of dozens of individuals. 
People have donated their time, skills, money, and energy to make 
Inclusion Center what it is today.

Please help us to provide inclusive, stimulating programs 
     for all people with disabilities and/or medical issues and for all who want to attend. 
Donate What You Can! 
All Amounts Are Helpful
Thank you!

Inclusion Center is a small enough non-profit  that every single donation we receive makes a huge difference. 

However, without donations, we have nothing! 

We are all volunteer and have no paid staff. 

We are an independent, unaffiliated program.

We hope never to ask participants to pay for our programming. 

Please consider donating any sum to us.

Thank you, everyone!

Sessions during Normal Times are held at:
16 Bradley Ave
(Lower Level/St. Michael's 
Episcopal Church)
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Phone:   802-387-5285

Donations come in all forms. Remember, 

Inclusion Center succeeds because of all our participation!

During Covid times 



Leading activities on zoom.

Sharing information with others who could benefit from Inclusion Center.

Board members. This entails a commitment of two hours a month.

Tech support.

During Covid times 






Hours during Covid Times are
through Zoom:

Monday 10:30 to 12:30

Tuesday 10:30 to 12:00

Friday 10:30 to 12:30
Inclusion Center has our own
t shirts, bags and hats. We designed, printed, and are now selling them!  

Donations of $10 will get you a t-shirt with our beautiful new logo.
Donations of $12 will get you a hat or bag!
Pay through cash, check or pay pal. 

 All money from the donations for our 
t-shirts, bags, and hats goes directly to 
 Inclusion Center, Inc, a 501c3

A very big 


to our many volunteers!

Over the years we have had dozens of volunteers who helped us with everything from donating materials to leading presentations and everything in between. 

We thank each and every one of you. Without each of us having stepped forward we would not be what we are today!

Volunteers are 100% responsible for Inclusion Center!

In the past volunteers have: organized events, written by-laws, created artwork for our newsletters and more, had fund raisers for Inclusion Center, led games, created films, created posters and rack cards, posted for our fb page, ran our fb page, created the website, found an attorney for us, baked for our sessions, swept the floors, driven people home, cleaned the kitchen, put things away, donated games, art supplies and puzzles,

led presentations, invited others to lead presentations or activities, convinced others to give IC a try, researched grants, wrote grants, and called others who were having a difficult time. 

Truly, literally, every single activity we have ever had, every piece of paperwork ever written, every idea, every single aspect of Inclusion Center has been organized, led, and performed by a volunteer. 

People volunteer what they can, what they are interested in, what they enjoy. They volunteer once or weekly, for a minute or for hours and hours. 

Volunteers are what keeps Inclusion Center rolling.

You too can volunteer with us and join the fun!