Inclusion Center

Brattleboro, Vermont 

Why donate to Inclusion Center, Inc?

 Inclusion Center has been created through the volunteer efforts of dozens of individuals. 
People have donated their time, skills, money, and energy to make 
Inclusion Center what it is today.

Please help us to provide inclusive, stimulating programs 
     for all people with disabilities and/or medical issues and for all who want to attend. 
Donate What You Can! 
All Amounts Are Helpful
Thank you!

See below to learn more on which program you would like to donate to!

Inclusion Center is a small enough non-profit  that every single donation we receive makes a huge difference. 

However, without donations, we have nothing! 

We must raise $7,000 this year to cover our insurance, rental and basic costs. 

We are all volunteer and have no paid staff. 

We are an independent, unaffiliated program.

We hope never to ask participants to pay for our programming. 

Please consider donating any sum to us.

Thank you everyone!


Every Monday Inclusion Center offers 2 1/2 hours of Acting Improv! A professional donates her time to IC and leads this amazing program. 

Our instructor, Robin Zegge, leads a group of individuals who have the widest range of disabilities and medical issues you can imagine! How she does this is incredible and impressive!

Most people who attend this program have never acted, nor stood on stage or in front of others to speak, never mind perform.

Through Robin's guidance we are taught how to act through using our bodies and voices, and so much more. 

Improv is one of our most beloved programs.

Donations to help Improv continue would be most appreciated! 


Conversation Cafe (CC) is a group, public discussion on 'difficult' topics. 

Individuals at Inclusion Center choose a topic to discuss. A facilitator leads the group in sharing thoughts and feelings on the specific topic. 

Everyone undoubtedly has a different view or a different take on a particular subject, and at Conversation Cafe, all the views are encouraged to be spoken. 

Conversation Cafe is a great chance for anyone from the community to express themselves in a safe and accepting environment. 

The climate of Conversation Cafe encourages deep conversation. While our opinions are often dramatically different from others in the room there has never been (and there never will be) anger or negativity.

A few of the topics covered so far: death with dignity, abortion, lbgtq, is one person more important than another.

Come see what a positive experience discussion can be!

Donations to Conversation Cafe are greatly appreciated!

Inclusion Center has our own
t shirts, bags and hats. We designed, printed, and are now selling them!  

Donations of $10 will get you a t-shirt with our beautiful new logo.
Donations of $12 will get you a hat or bag!
Pay through cash, check or pay pal. If you would like us to mail you a t shirt or hat (or both!) add $2.00 per item. 

 All money from the donations for our 
t-shirts, bags, and hats goes directly to 
 Inclusion Center, Inc, a 501c3

Donations come in all forms. 

Inclusion Center succeeds because of donations of people's time and materials, as well! 



Substitute leaders

Posting of our materials in doctors offices, co ops, everywhere that makes sense

Board members. This is a commitment of two hours a month (yes, that's all!)

Drivers (to bring people who can not drive to IC)

Videographers (to help with making videos for youtube and to share on BCTV)




Magic markers (unscented)

Small puzzles

Keyboard of any size

Board or any type of game