Inclusion Center

Brattleboro, Vermont 


Inclusion Center is a free drop in, activity center by and for all people with disabilities, medical concerns and interested community members.  We are presently meeting on line through Zoom.

At Inclusion Center we decide what activities to pursue and then we make it all happen- while also sorting out how to make each activity accessible for all.

 Interested in learning about Inclusion Center along with others 
who have never attended a session? 
Join us the first week of each month. 
Email [email protected] to learn more, 
and to receive our private zoom link.




 [email protected]

We have Zoom sessions every Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

10:30    Checking in and chatting. 
11:30 - 12:30    Improv with Robin Zegge. 
12:30    The zoom room stays open for those who want to stay and chat.

10:00    Talking politics.
10:30    Chatting. 
11:00    Conversation Cafe.
12:00    Close
10:30    Checking in/chatting.
11:00 - 12:30    Games and silliness
12:30    The zoom room stays open for those who want to stay and chat. 

Links to Zoom sessions are only shared through emails. 

As with everything I.C., everyone is welcome to our zoom sessions. Invite others! The more - the merrier!

 during these Covid times!
We share these through 
facebook, youtube and emails. 
Join us!

                          Famous painting project
    Draw a famous painting then add yourself to the painting.  
                                      Video project
              Create a short entertaining video of any sort.

to see one of our videos

Writing project
Write a short story and share it with us. Add some art or have someone else from Inclusion Center do the art for your story!

Facilitating project
 Co-facilitate any activity that interests you. Like to tell jokes? Lead a session of joke telling. Like to knit? Teach us how we can knit. Want to play a game? Choose the game and lead. As always together we will sort out how to include everyone in the games and activities and will sort out how to do the activities on zoom.

View from your window project
 Share photos of what you're seeing outside of your windows!

Hairstyle project
Share photos of your evolving hairstyles! 

We have a new private, closed facebook group for conversing. If you would like to chat, let us know. This group is heavily moderated.



During this extraordinary time

Think about others at I.C. 

Check in with them. Not everyone is fine. 

All of us are lonely, bored, scared, confused, and more. 

Some are feeling these more often or deeply than others.

 Make the calls, check in through email or facebook. 

Connect socially! 

It's physical distancing that matters now, not social distancing.


Please be quiet when joining our Zoom Room. Chances are a conversation or activity will be in progress when you join the session. Come in, watch, listen and then jump into whatever is happening.

The zoom room opens at 10:30 for chatting and catching up.
Our activities begin at 11:00 and end promptly at 12:30 on Mondays and Fridays, and 12:00 on Tuesdays. However, 
we now leave the zoom room open after scheduled activities have ended. The room is open until 2:00 for talking. There is no facilitator from the end of activities on.

At each zoom session, as with all i.c. sessions, 
one person speaks at a time, and each person speaks.
Be aware of others, speak- then pause, this gives other people space to speak.

Leaving your camera on is preferable as it is more 
comfortable for the group.
If you have wifi issues, you are welcome to call in 
and join us on zoom through your phone.

As always, we’d like your input on all things I.c.

Inclusion Center is only as good as those who show up,  
speak up and help with ideas and input.
We need each person who attends to have an idea or two of activities to share with the group. Without ideas, we have nothing!

Thanks for joining us. We’re so very happy to have you with us!

Inclusion Center,  free, all volunteer, and all are welcome. 

Inclusion Center, a registered non profit, 501c3, is an unaffiliated, independent program.

One Call Away!


is a very important action for all people to take! 

All people with disabilities have the right to vote! 

Follow this link to register to vote,  

even if the election is now a few years away!

Sign up for an absentee ballot and more. 


We, at Inclusion Center, created a video for Paula Poundstone's song 'Not my butterfingers'. Paula and her staff loved our video!  Listen to the podcast 'Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone!' and hear them mention Inclusion Center on their show!  


'Some things need to change!'

Stay safe everyone and remember, 
it's not social distancing that is needed, 
it's only physical distancing 
that is necessary!

Be sure to connect with others.