Monday Sessions location is in transition right now

check location on each date below

       from 11:30 to 3:30. 

General Schedule for Mondays:
11:30  (Bring your own ) Lunch. Discussions, chatting, hanging out with friends.  

From 1 to 3:30 we have choices between art and games, and more focused activities such as discussions, education, sharing

June 26  
Location today: 
The Gathering Place 
11:30  (Bring your own) lunch
1:00    Games
2:00   Pup Day! Linda and Ev and their therapy dogs in training!

July 3

July 10th
11:30 (Bring your own) Lunch
12:30  Art. Making pictures with bits of cloth
2:00  Discussion

July 17
11:30 (Bring your own) Lunch
12:30  Learning about technology (how to better use our phones, ipads and laptops)
2:00  Discussion

   We fill in the calendar as we go along. If it looks like there isn't much happening on a certain date, 
give us a few days and look again! 

Uncomfortable coming to Inclusion Center on your own?       Most of us are! 

Let us set you up with a BUDDY. Buddies can help you feel more comfortable, they can tell you all about Inclusion Center, talk with you during the week and then meet up with you and together you can come to Inclusion Center. 

Don't want to join a scheduled group activity while at Inclusion Center? 

Come on by anyway! 

Have a seat, hang out alone or do some art, play a board game, or chat with friends. 

 10-00 to 11:30  Mondays
Discussion and organizing of all things connected 
with Inclusion Center.
These meetings, like everything to do with  Inclusion Center, are open to everyone. 
Contact Inclusion Center for location of Work Group.

3:10  First Monday of each month
Everyone is welcome to come and participate.
Contact Inclusion Center for location 
of board meeting.

All Friday Sessions are located 

at St. Michael's Episcopal Church (downstairs, and on Putney Road) 

from 11:30 to 3:30.

General Schedule for Fridays:
11:30  (Bring your own) Lunch

12:30 Art, discussion and/or project

1:30  Dance or movement for all physical abilities

2:00  Presentation from the Community

3:00  Cafe*
*Cafes are open time for anyone to step forward and lead an activity of their choice and making.

June 30
11:30 (Bring your own) Lunch
Games inside and out in good weather
1:00  Art
2:00  Jordan and Jillian from The Hive coming to tell us about their (fantastic) program. The Hive seems like a sister of IC- same family, same energy! Very exciting to meet these people and connect with their program!
3:00  Games and discussion

July 7
11:30  (Bring your own) Lunch
Games inside and out in good weather
1:00  Unknown at this time
2:00 SASI follow up conversation on accepting ourselves, for all abilities and interests

July 14th
11:30  (Bring your own) Lunch
1:00  Games outside and inside
2:00 Shari Women's Freedom Center, follow up to June's discussion on gender issues.

July 21st
11:30  (Bring your own) Lunch
1:00   Games inside and outside
2:00  Pat from SEVCA telling us all about the services that SEVCA provides

July 28
11:30 (Bring your own) Lunch
1:00  Discussion and outdoor games
2:00  Faith is coming, possibly with dogs, to teach us about how dogs express themselves, what to look for in dogs behavior to tell you she's afraid, angry, loving it and more. 

September 15
11:30  (Bring your own) Lunch
1:00  Games inside and out 
2:00 Sadelle and the labyrinth

September 29th
11:30  (Bring your own) Lunch
12:00  Discussion
1:00   Art
Six trained working dogs, all ready to show off their stuff are coming with Linda and Ev and others!